Quite a Cell-ebrity the Cellphone

In this present day and age, it is hard to believe that once upon a time cell phones were not in existence and when they were, they were not as commonly used as today. The marvel in comparing the past and current scenario comes about because currently mobile phones seem to run both personal and business worlds with countless applications; mobile is now the boss! What was once known as a gizmo to communicate via voice and text is now a requirement for success of transactions, marketing, communication (on more than a talk and text level), entertainment, reading, GPS and all in real time! Amazing how something as traditional as the Bible can also now be found online or in form of an application or app as more commonly referred. With all the praise and dislike for this device, it is only in order to run through the history of the Cellphone.

The Cellphone turned 40 on 3 April 2013 marking a milestone in its journey. On 3 April 1973, Martin Cooper of Motorola used the 2.5 pound Motorola DynaTAC 8000x Cellphone to call his competitor Joel Engel of Bell Systems to inform him of the end in impeccable cellular tech. This phone was approved in 1983 by FCC as the world’s first commercial portable Cellphone and cost $3,995 at the time.

Fast forward to today and with the constant advancement in Cellphone tech, it is practically impossible to keep up without possessing this incredible device that comes in all shapes and sizes, less heavier than 2.5 pounds (what a relief!) and with different features. The possibilities are endless! .

As part of tuning in to the Cellphone frequency, Cymap Business Solutions, there are some measures that Cymap has implemented with others yet to be implemented.
1. The application is currently available for mobile phones. This is due to the excellent switch theme feature of the open source Openbiz framework (www.openbiz.me), which we use and are contributing members. Feel free to download it and try it out Currently the switch theme feature of mobile web applications can is available for iphone, ipad and android devices.
Mobile theme

2. Part of our goals is to present data using visualized reports. On mobile, we shall also use a number of JavaScript frameworks for visualization on web browsers.
3. Another goal is to allow investment software to be available at individual level and the application shall be developed as a mobile app for personal investment finance.

With all the attention it is receiving, this cell-ebrity is definitely one that cannot be done without with most of us feeling incomplete without it in our midst.

Martin Cooper however feels that phones attempt to do too many things for too many people. “Whenever you create a universal device that does all things for all people, it does not do any things well,” he said in a privacy conference in Madrid.

Either way, copy this blog link and share it on your social media page: Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or company page. While at it let us know what you think about Cymap too! You can do it via your cell phone too thanks to Martin Cooper who made an invention for masses!

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