Everyone's Got A Spark

Every functioning item and process in our environment was initiated by an idea. It is however not ideas that are the basis of transformation of the functions we perceive and encounter, but the ability of the person with an idea to set aside their fear of failure and discouragement from others and act on it. An idea with no action remains just that, an idea. Ideas are sparks that require igniting in order to burn and be practical. Can you imagine if Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs and other great innovators and inventors had given up or not acted on their brilliant ideas? Think about it!

For Cymap Kenya, the business spark burns based on the ambition to learn, improve and innovate in Web, Mobile and Cloud applications. Technology must serve a purpose, and expounding on that, we see ourselves as facilitating investment and financial research for our clients using the same tech services we create.

By investing in financial research, we do not see this as a hindrance. The majority of our clients are investment firms that relish dealing with a system provider that clearly understands their needs.

Reading on the history of entrepreneurs as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rick Ellis (Oracle), Jerry Chang and Gary Filo (Yahoo), Sergei Brin and Larry Page (Google), Mark Zukerberg (Facebook) is very inspiring. Despite the fact that they serve diverse Information Technology sectors, they share a similarity in that they all started out in similar ways. The innovation of such people and similar stories from the emerging entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa has sparked Cymap’s interest in Tech Services furthermore our culture of providing customer relationship oriented business services has provided us the need to create a strong service culture in Africa that can compete with the best hence our slogan: Information. Knowledge. Outsourcing which we believe are the key service principles in today’s economies.

To facilitate expansion of Cymap to the forefront of Information Technology in Africa, the company declares clearly its outlined business goals and objectives:

Market Standing
° To be the leading financial software and data solutions firm in East Africa within the next ten years.

° To over time achieve minimum time – lags on development of our products.

Physical and Financial Resources
° To achieve market capitalization of KES 100 Million in the next ten years.

° To achieve enough profitability to sustain operations and build capital.

° To be at the forefront in development and implementation of LAMP applications.

Manager Performance and Development
° To have a competent team of management in all divisions of the firm in the next five years. These sectors are: finance, marketing, business development, Information Technology, research, Public Relations, operations and Quality Management.

Worker performance and attitudes
° All workers should be thoroughly trained in their facets

Public and Social Responsibility
° To create employment for young and talented students / professionals through provision of internship programs and referrals to clients and partner firms.

The quote ‘Sky is not the limit, there are foot prints on the moon’ can be used to refer to these goals and objectives (which as mentioned are but a brief detail) because the above are all attainable. The idea of Cymap was acted on, the spark ignited and the fire still burns and continues to spread.

The great minds before us and their even greater at times beyond belief innovations inspire our expansion and with similar faith, it is our hope that Cymap Business Solutions will not only offer its products and services to clients and potential clients but also aspire to motivate the next big innovator or inventor.

Quote of the week:
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”- Henry Ford – Founder, Ford Motors.

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