Unmasking CYMAP

Let’s face it, modern technology is rapidly changing and enhancing how we carry out our day to day activities; as well as impacting the political and social - economic sectors. Up to date applications and infrastructure are therefore a requisite in enabling companies and individuals to keep up with these changing times.

Cymap Business Solutions was set up to provide development and outsourcing of financial and investments (portfolio management in particular) applications to corporate clients both in East Africa and abroad.

The concept of Cymap Business Solutions is to use a unique blend of skilled business process and strategy specialists on one hand as well as web, mobile and infrastructure technology experts on the other to work togther in building compliant, scalable, distributed, user friendly business solutions leveraging on the increasing reach and functionality offered by the remarkable world of Web, Mobile and Cloud Technology.

Based on the above concept, Cymap Business Solutions desires to not only create relationships based on trust, customer satisfaction and innovation but also associations based on genuine interest in one another’s growth and ability.

The concepts that define Cymap are:

We are motivated to leverage web, mobile and infrastructure Technologies to provide interactive, scalable solutions to small and midsize investment firms, and in future to individuals

We are heavy on research and development, both in Financial and Software ends.

We are family oriented. Every member of the team counts.

We are customer oriented. We highly value and respect our customer relationships.

Cymap Business Solutions states clearly its long term business goals and objectives categorized into: Market standing, productivity, physical and financial resources, profitability, public and social responsibility and Innovation. These shall be discussed in depth in next week’s blog.

Information. Knowledge. Outsourcing is what coins and continues to shape the growth of Cymap Business Solutions not disregarding a team of trained, skilled and dedicated staff.
Quote of the week:
”The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify inefficiency”- Bill Gates – Entrepreneur, Founder Microsoft

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