CYMAPGL is an investment management application for use by fund managers. The application provides buy-side capture of trades, as well as valuation of securities and performance calculation. Version 3.0 due for release in 1Q 2017 will see for the first time the fund management system plugged to CYMAPL to provide for fund accounting and more accurate performance measurement.


The modules set for CYMAP FNDMGR 3.0 is listed below
















  • B.I



The underlying technology behind FNDMGR 3.0 is the Openbiz Framework Version 3.0 which is the platform of choice for development of this version. This Framework provides a Rapid Application Development platform that should see development processes speeded up. Its metadata driven approach provided a standard method for designing modules and components.


The features below exemplify the benefits of Openbiz Framework


  • Use of Data Objects, which draw data from any of the following databases: Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL

  • Stateful objects in memory, allowing data manipulation to occur in the object pool even with several requests to the web server

  • Service based architecture allows for plugging in of needed services via configuration, or at runtime

  • Has a macro language named Simple Expression, that allows small scripting to occur in metadata files

  • Role based and attribute based access control

  • Has an SQL like language named SQLExpression, that allows for use of SQL like syntax to manipulate Data Objects


CYMAP have added the following features on top of the vanilla Openbiz Framework

  • Maker checker service

  • Business rules engine

  • Reporting service


Below is a brief description of the CYMAP FNDMGR modules:


  1. OFFICEADMIN: This module is used for maintenance of entity and other metadata. It contains components for client management, counterparty management, banks and stockbrokers. The module also allows for management of currencies, client facilities. Enhancements to come include diary and contact management plus holiday management.

  2. TRADING: Trade capture in CYMAP version 1.9 is primarily via the traditional screens where a dealer inputs an order. Support for web service driven input is lacking and should be provided in future either via partnership with a viable partner or developed.

  3. SETTLEMENT: Settlement module involves generation of business transactions for each client / counterparty based on the trades that have been confirmed as valid. It may involve batch confirmations, transaction slicing, fee processing, tax processing, cash processing.

  4. PRODUCTS: The products module succeeds the basic product module in version 1.09.12. This version consists of complex product design which may include sub-products, as well as for development of complex tax schedules which ensure that the product automatically meets tax regulations when applied to clients of various types.

  5. CORPORATE ACTIONS: Corporate actions allows for creation of fixed income and equity based corporate actions, as well as batch generation of transactions on due date.

  6. DEPOSITORY: Depository tracks holdings of investment clients in each securities depository account should the fund manager require this feature for reconciliation purposes. It allows a 1 to 1 reconciliation with various securities depository accounts

  7. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: This allows the fund manager apply various metrics to the portfolios e.g. setting house view weights, classification of bonds and other parameters

  8. ACCOUNTING: This provides an interface to the CYMAPGL whereby various financial reports related to client funds or the house can be generated and reviewed

  9. REPORTING: Reporting module provides an interface to the REPORTICO open source report generator, which will be used in this version to provide a reporting module interface

  10. CASH MANAGEMENT: Current account management will be handled by this module, which will provide interface for screen input, batch input or web services.

  11. STRUCTURED PRODUCTS: Structured products module extends the products module. It is still in development and should provide capability to handle derivatives.

  12. INVOICING: Invoicing enables calculation of client fees and supports various billing methods e.g. mail, printed, electronic. This module is still in development

  13. NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications provides a messaging interface that can be configured to use the industry standard financial messaging systems e.g. SWIFT, FIX

  14. RECONCILIATIONS: This is still in development. It will manage reconciliation of the depository account for clients or house

  15. COMMUNICATION: The communication module handles generation of correspondence to clients and counterparties on a variety of issues. The FNDMGR 1.09.12 interface allowed for only custodial correspondence. This module is in development to enhance it to enable communication to all entities.

  16. BI: The Business Intelligence system should provide an interface to the web version of Jedox BI suite, in which CYMAP has been training.

DEALING: This module is still in development and should provide automated order generation, price movement and yield alerts, exchange rate movement alerts and pricing calculators.

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